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Stone & Paver Sample Boards

Enjoy all the benefits of product sampling with none of the hassles. The future of stone and paver sample boards is now.

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Cut Costs and Save Inventory with Simulated Stone and Paver Sample Boards

No one wants to purchase multiple stones or pavers to lug to a customer or end-user location to determine which works best. The solution up until now has been to use smaller pieces of stone or paver on a sample board to reduce weight and product expense while still allowing the customer to get a feel for the product.

The problem is that even in smaller pieces, stones and pavers are still heavy and, when reduced in size, don’t necessarily correctly represent the actual product due to variations in color and texture. In addition, these sample boards can still be quite cumbersome and challenging to set up and take down for showroom or tradeshow installations, with robust fixtures needed to hold the boards in place. Trekking them to and from tradeshow to tradeshow also increases the risk of chipping or breaking the product.

Lastly, inventory lost to product boards and samples quickly adds up, and the cost of freight to ship samples board continues to rise. With no better solution, the costs impact the manufacturer or retailer’s bottom line or are passed on to consumers.

Best Uses for Stone and Paver Sample Boards

Stone and paver sample boards are an effective marketing tool for a wide range of audiences. They provide a physical representation of the product and help customers visualize how the stones or pavers will look in their space.

Overall, stone and paver sample boards are an excellent way to market products to a wide range of audiences. With Simulations by Wallace, you can provide lightweight, cost-effective, and innovative sample boards that accurately represent your products without the need for bulky inventory or expensive transportation costs. Contact Simulations by Wallace today to learn more about their simulated stone and paver sample boards and how they can benefit your business.

Here are some of the best uses for stone and paver sample boards for different audiences:


Salespeople can use sample boards to showcase their product offerings to potential customers. Sample boards provide an efficient way to display a large variety of inventory offerings in a small amount of space, making them perfect for trade shows, showrooms, or customer meetings.


Designers can use sample boards to present design concepts to their clients. Sample boards allow designers to bring their ideas to life and provide a tactile representation of the materials they are recommending.


Distributors can use sample boards to showcase new products and inventory offerings to their retail customers. Sample boards help to drive product awareness and increase sales.


Homeowners can use sample boards to select the perfect stone or paver for their home improvement projects. Sample boards allow customers to see and touch the actual materials they will be purchasing, to fully experience the texture, color, and pattern of the stones or pavers, to compare them to other options, and to take a sample home to test it in their space.


Architects can use sample boards to present design plans to their clients. Sample boards provide an excellent way to showcase the design and material choices, making it easier for clients to visualize the final product.


Retailers can use sample boards to promote their inventory offerings and drive sales. Sample boards provide a cost-effective way to display a large variety of products without requiring a significant amount of inventory or floor space.

A Better Option for Stone and Paver Sample Boards

What if it were possible to harness all of the marketing power of sample boards with none of the frustration of weight, inventory loss, or other expenses related to the use of heavy stone and paver product materials in sample boards? Fortunately, there is.

Simulated printing is an innovative printed texture process that mimics your stone or paver product with startling accuracy without using any of your inventory. Yes, even all of the uneven colors, textures, and edges of stone and pavers are captured and replicated in lightweight, dimensional print.

Simulations by Wallace Harnesses Modern Technology and Highly-Refined Processes

When technology, innovation, and years of experience come together, you reap the reward. Wallace Simulations has perfected a printed texture process that allows you to save inventory, production, and freight costs and, ultimately – your bottom line.

The process begins with your actual stone or paver product and ends with a dimensional representation for your sample boards that will leave you wondering why you ever created stone and paver sample boards another way.

The Better Way to Sample Materials

We offer a revolutionary way to sample wood, stone, brick, and luxury tile textures, all without the bulk, expense, or hassle of traditional sample boards.

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