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Our simulation process creates printed dimensional product representations that are unrivaled in quality and innovation.

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From Your Product to Its Best Representation, Our Simulation Process is Focused on You.

Your simulation may be all about business, but it’s all about YOUR business. Our process starts with a conversation about your product marketing needs and how Simulations by Wallace can help you better achieve your business goals. From there, our multi-step print process takes your product on a journey to its simulated twin.

Speed to Market Without Compromise

Your business never stops moving and adapting, and neither do we. Our production time is typically three weeks or less. We understand that speed to market creates a more agile environment for your business to keep pace with changing market trends and find success. By refining our process and defining your goals, we can work together to keep you and your products moving forward.

Our Difference is More than our Process

From our first conversation to the final delivery of your highly-detailed product simulation, our difference is not just our process. It’s our people. Our customer service team manages and monitors your project throughout your production schedule and keeps you informed. Our printing professionals treat each project with pride and the individualized attention it and you deserve. While we are proud of our work, it’s you that is at the center of everything we do.

You trust your business success to us. We make it our business to uphold that trust with the highest level of professional, personal service for all your product simulation needs.


It all begins with your product.

Once we receive your product and discuss your expectations, a specialized 3-D scanner captures the color and texture of your original product. This technology grabs material contours and color variations in amazing detail so that your final printed product is startlingly realistic.

Our experienced team gets to work.

While technology is incredible, nothing beats the experience of a professional team. Our highly trained and qualified team then digitally optimizes the resulting scanned files to prepare them for etching, ensuring that every detail of your product is optimally represented.

A customized substrate material provides a base.

According to your product simulation needs, a substrate material is etched with a CNC (computer numerical control) machine. This process ensures precision with each step of the remaining process.

The magic begins.

Textured layers are printed, replicating your product’s actual surfaces in realistic, multidimensional detail. Whether brick or drapery material, every contour is printed with the texture of your original product.

Additional dimension is added.

Because accuracy and details matter, a high-definition photographic layer is added to create even more color dimension and accuracy to your textured product representation. No detail is too small to provide a realistic simulation of your product.

Finalizing the details.

Precision and accuracy are our priorities from the first scan to the final cut. CNC trimming completes the simulation process with the highest attention to detail.

The Better Way to Sample Materials

We offer a revolutionary way to sample wood, stone, brick, and luxury tile textures, all without the bulk, expense, or hassle of traditional sample boards.

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We’re here to help with all your printed texture needs.