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Sample Boards

Most sample boards fall flat when it comes to cost-effectiveness and mobility – until now. Simulations by Wallace are lightweight and affordable.

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Simulated Sample Boards Bring Innovation to Product Sampling

There are as many, if not more, disadvantages of sample boards and product samples as there are advantages. Without a better option, those drawbacks have simply been accepted as a cost of doing business and include:

  • Wasted inventory
  • Bulky transport
  • Increased freight costs
  • Heavy installation expenses
  • Cracks and breakage

This lightweight, cost-effective printed texture process revolutionizes your product’s marketing opportunities with sample boards. Utilizing a 3-D scanner and a specialized printing process, we start with your actual product and end with a dimensional printed representation that is amazingly similar to your genuine product.

Fortunately, there is a better way than clunky sample boards.

Wallace Simulations has perfected an innovative multi-step process that produces a printed representation of your product that looks and feels remarkably like your actual product. That’s right. Your product on sample boards without any wasted inventory and expenses related to the weight of the actual product.

4 Reasons Sample Boards Are Essential

Providing product sample boards to showcase a large category of offerings simply makes good business sense. Here are the top four reasons manufacturers, retailers, and many other savvy marketers use sample boards.

Despite the value offered by sample boards, their drawbacks have continued to frustrate business owners, manufacturers, designers, and clients since inception. Fortunately, modern innovation means you can now have all of the benefits with none of the drawbacks.

1. Drives Awareness of Your Offerings

The top use of sample boards is to showcase a large variety of product offerings in a small amount of space. Whether a large display at a home improvement store or a smaller portable version, sample boards allow access to a large amount of inventory with just a glance.

2. Branding Opportunities

Product sample boards not only showcase the product but can also include space to tout its benefits and identify your brand with background colors, logos, etc. How is your brick, fabric, or flooring different? Product boards are a great marketing opportunity for your brand.

3. Helps Customers with Visualization

Customers who can feel, touch, and compare different products can better visualize those products in their own space. Take-home samples further enhance the process by allowing them to place a product sample in its intended space to give them confidence in their final purchasing decision.

4. Accessibility of decision-makers in the Buying Process

Often, multiple decision-makers are part of the buying process, and not all of them can be on-site simultaneously. Mobile sample boards and take-home samples allow all decision-makers to have access to the product material choices, leading to a quicker purchase decision.

Simulations by Wallace: The Future of Product Sampling

Simulations by Wallace offers a multi-step process that produces a printed representation of your product that looks and feels remarkably like the genuine product. With a 3-D scanner and a specialized printing process, Simulations by Wallace produces a dimensional printed texture that is an accurate representation of your product.

How Simulations by Wallace Can Help You

Simulations by Wallace is committed to providing innovative solutions for your product marketing needs. Our simulated sample boards will help you showcase your products with the best representation possible, while also helping your bottom line. Contact us today to learn more about how Simulations by Wallace can help you with your product sampling needs.

Wallace Simulations Brings Innovation to Your Product Sample Boards

What could you do in your business with more inventory, lower sampling costs, and more cost-effective installations? Now is the time to find out. Set your products and business apart from your competition with simulated printing from Wallace Simulations.

Contact us today to see how Simulations by Wallace can help you showcase your products with sample boards that not only best represent your products and brand but also help your bottom line.

The Better Way to Sample Materials

We offer a revolutionary way to sample wood, stone, brick, and luxury tile textures, all without the bulk, expense, or hassle of traditional sample boards.

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