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Luxury Vinyl Tile Sample Boards

Luxury vinyl tile has steadily increased in popularity in recent years, making it a fantastic candidate for utilizing the benefits of product sample boards.

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Utilizing Luxury Vinyl Tile Sample Boards to Increase Your Revenue

The cost-effective durability of luxury vinyl tile has caused it to skyrocket in popularity in both commercial and residential settings. Waterproof or water-resistant varieties create a long list of applicable installations. That’s why it’s more crucial than ever for marketers to utilize luxury vinyl tile sample boards effectively.

LVT Sample Boards as Part of an Overall Marketing Strategy

Sample boards have long been an effective marketing strategy for promoting product inventory. For a relatively new product like luxury vinyl tile, it’s absolutely imperative. Customers unfamiliar with LVT need to be able to feel and touch the product to understand how it compares to ceramic, porcelain, and other traditional tiles, as well as how it differs from its distant cousin – sheet vinyl.

The flexibility of luxury vinyl tile sample boards allows distributors, retailers, architects, and designers to show a wide variety of luxury vinyl tile offerings while also providing a place to describe its many excellent properties and applications. Still, even with all of the benefits of luxury vinyl tile sample boards, their downsides can still be problematic.

How Simulated Printing by Wallace Simulations Works

Wallace Simulations has harnessed the power of technology with an innovative multi-step textured printing process that takes your luxury vinyl tile product and creates a printed dimensional representation that is so similar in color and texture to your product that the end result will astound you.

Imagine the benefits of a printed version of your LVT product that replicates every curve, contour, dimple, and color variation in place of your inventory on a luxury vinyl tile sample board.

All of the advantages of your current luxury vinyl tile sample boards plus the following:

  • Lightweight
  • Easily portable
  • Cost-effective
  • Short production time-frame
  • Inventory retention
  • Ease of installation

How? Our highly-refined process starts with a 3-D scan of your product that is digitally optimized, then printed layer by layer on a substrate material, and finally covered with a high-resolution photographic layer that provides additional dimension and accuracy.

Conserve Your Inventory with Simulated Printing Vinyl Tile Sample Boards

While luxury vinyl tile may be lighter than wood, stone, ceramic, and other products, its weight can still be significant when compounded over many, many samples. However, the greatest concern with luxury vinyl tile sample boards is the use of valuable inventory.

Inventory lost to product samples has been an accepted marketing cost for many years, to the tune of millions of dollars of lost inventory every year. Yet, it’s unreasonable to expect to sell your luxury vinyl tile product without giving customers the opportunity to see and touch what they will be using in their home, business, or commercial setting.

Maximizing Your LVT Inventory with Simulations by Wallace

Does that mean you just have to accept that a percentage of your inventory will not only not contribute to your bottom line, but it will actually subtract from it? Fortunately, no. With Simulations by Wallace, you can conserve your LVT inventory while still providing beneficial luxury vinyl tile sample boards to your clients.

Is Simulated Printing Right for Your Luxury Vinyl Sample Boards?

Contact Wallace Simulations today to discuss your luxury vinyl tile sample board needs and how our innovative simulated printing process can change how you think about sample boards.

The Better Way to Sample Materials

We offer a revolutionary way to sample wood, stone, brick, and luxury tile textures, all without the bulk, expense, or hassle of traditional sample boards.

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